Bear in mind the history of suffering and draw on the strength to move forward

Publisher: yuan Minmin Release time: December 28, 2021 Number of visits: one hundred and twenty-four

Sacrifice our country war, mountains and rivers are safe! The dead are gone, and the living forge ahead! In order to promote the education of party history and national history, let Party members of the Party branch remember the history of suffering and maintain the strength of striving. two thousand and twenty-one year twelve month twenty-four Afternoon fourteen thirty two thousand and twenty-one All members of the first party branch of the first grade master's degree went to the memorial hall of the victims of the Nanjing Massacre of Japanese invaders in China, and walked into this painful history in person. The activity was presided over by fan Yaqiang, Secretary of the Party branch thirty Full Party members and probationary party members participated in the activity.

twelve month twenty-four It was a rainy day. The weather was cool, drizzle mixed with cold wind, like a needle in the face. two thousand and twenty-one After getting off the bus, all the students of the first party branch stood quietly outside the museum, waiting in line for admission. Many of them have been here before, and many of them have stepped into the gate of the memorial hall for the first time. But the same thing is that the students are silent and solemn in the team and express their grief for this painful history with concerted actions.

(the picture shows the students in the bus and queuing)

Stepping into the museum, the students walked slowly, carefully reading the words and pictures in the memorial hall. The pavilion is divided into four Part: Exhibition and assembly area, site Memorial area, peace park area and collection exchange area. In the exhibition area on the ground floor of the memorial hall for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre of Japanese invaders, there is a wall full of photos of survivors. Behind the photos of each survivor, a light is put on. When the survivors die, the light will go out. The students looked at what was left on the wall sixty-five In front of the wall, standing in front of the wall in silence, with the most simple way to express their concern under the dome of stars thirty The mourning of ten thousand victims. History tells the most cruel history to every student present in the most quiet way. All the students are quietly reading, from a string of numbers, black and white photos in the close touch of that section of history. In the quiet venue, you can hear the sound of the students' shoes running over the floor when they walk, and from time to time there will be a little choking. In this way, with the thought of death and peace, the students walked through the whole exhibition area.

(picture shows students visiting the Memorial Hall)

In front of the peace square, the students observed a collective silence under the peace monument. Before the event, two thousand and twenty-one The branches of the first party branch of the master's degree students have prepared a chrysanthemum for each student in advance. The chrysanthemum represents sadness and mourning, and is also a symbol of the perseverance of the Chinese nation for 5000 years. After mourning, the students came forward in turn to offer their flowers under the monument, expressing their desire for peace with practical actions.

(picture shows students presenting flowers in peace square)

The flower offering is over, two thousand and twenty-one All the students of the first party branch of the first grade master's degree took a group photo on the peace square. At the same time, it also announced that the activity of entering the memorial hall of the victims of the Nanjing Massacre of Japanese invaders came to an end.

After the event, Shao Yuning shared the feelings of visiting the Memorial Hall: forgetting history means betrayal, and the history of Nanjing Massacre reminds the world of the value of peace. General Secretary Xi stressed that "today's China has become a great country with a strong ability to safeguard the people's peaceful life. The era when the Chinese nation was subjected to arbitrary and bullying has gone forever.". We remember history, not to remember hatred, but to enable us to keep reflecting on history, to look forward to peace, to create the future, and to draw on the power of progress in the teaching of history.